Burns Beach House

Cut into this trendy coastal hill, this abstracted house appears robust yet weightless in the horizon plane - a complex volumetric beacon of hope for the local vernacular. The interior/exterior diagram relies on visual corridors that intersect both vertically and horizontally connecting the front and back, the bottom and the top and the inside to the out. The confluence of the box and the roof plane creates a function through form. Influenced by early 20th century architects, the shifting and floating geometry encourages interest throughout the project, allowing each space to adopt a unique feel and experience. Timber lining against a clean matte finish creates a warm juxtaposition that breaks up the potentially mundane experience of a simple geometry, whilst maintaining its function and liveability. This superbly detailed and finished home is uncompromising architecture - stuck between suburbia and the sea, evoking poetic cues for modern coastal domesticity. 

All works depicted © Brad Ladyman Architect Pty Ltd. All rights reserved.

B u r n s

B e a c h