‘Transtypological  Bricolage: A Cultural Critique of Architectural Displacement in Western Australia’

[PhD Written / Research] - ‘trans-typoology’ UWA 2013 - present

photo - Villa Savoye (model) by Le Corbusier, france. photo by Brad Ladyman 2006

This research undertakes an analysis of the architectural legacies of colonialism and imperialism in Western Australia, from the twin perspectives of cultural criticism and architectural (also urban) theory. This research examines the evolution and taxonomy of building types which transcend their original purpose; in so doing, it studies the sociological and cultural contexts whereby typological displacement becomes meaningful. As a broader, philosophical aim, this research seeks to examine the concept of historical consciousness beyond its relationship to fundamental operative elements of buildings such as their function. The analysis of transcendent building types and urban perception is significant to understanding the thought patterns and concepts of architecture, historic preservation and values.

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More recently Brad has gained the opportunity to work with Hames Sharley on the Murdoch University Upgrade to Bush Court Refectory, Senate and Tavern (Superintendent). Brad has also been project architect for a new Day Care facility in  Banksia Grove for ISPT.

Brad has also maintained involvement with Architectural Institutions such as the AIA and Education bodies such as UWA, North Metropolitan Tafe and Curtin University. He has undertaken sessional teaching, curriculum writing, committee involvement (AIA Education / Editorial) and student mentorship since 2001. 

Post Graduate Research: